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In the event of the accident please:
- Calm yourself and the others
- Protect injured and yourself from the immediate threats (from the fall, falling rocks/stones, choking, cold, humidity, etc.) on the best possible way
- Provide first aid to injured within your knowledge and capabilities
- Mark the location of the accident or location of the injured (especially in the winter)
- Urgently inform Mountain Rescue Service about the accident
In case of an accident in the mountain or any other inaccessible area you should call:
- Tel: 040 256 084 - Mountain Rescue Service of Montenegro
- Tel: 112 - Department of Civil Security and Emergency Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro
- Tel: 122 - Operatiotional section of the Police of Montenegro
The notice of the accident should contain the following information:
- Who notify (name of the person, phone number) in order to have possibility to get in touch with him in case of need of additional information
- From where you calling and how do you know about the accident ( a witness or an intermediary)
- Place of accident (accurate description)
- Who is hurt (last name, first name, age)
- What happened (cause and type of injury)
- What has already been undertaken (a kind of first aid provide, who was informed)
- Weather conditions at the site of the accident
- What is the access road to the crash site
Call for help:

To call for help in the mountain or on the rock you can use light or sound signals. Call and response should be repeated until establishment of the stable connection. Calling signals (light, sound...) should be sent 6 times per minute, every second minute. Responding signals (same tipe) should be sent 3 times per minute, every second minute. You can also put your body into a possition of a letter Y - "yes" (upright body with arms raised and outstretched). Call for help can be made by the firing of the red light rockets.

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