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Mountain Rescue Service of Montenegro is a national, charitable, professional, non-profit organization that performs activities of interest to the Republic of Montenegro, whose main aim is to help and rescue people in the mountains and other inaccessible places.
Mountain Rescue Service was established on 1963 in Niksic. Since that the very active Ski-Mountaineering Society "Javorak" whose departments such as climbing section, skiing section, speleo section been very active and have achieved significant results in the former Yugoslavia existed and operated in Niksic at that time, it was appropriate to form the Mountain Rescue Service in such an environment.
The Mountain rescue was formed using the model of the other rescue services in the Alpine countries, and had the primarily intention to assist and rescue climbers. Due to the geographical specifics of Montenegro (canyons, caves, high mountains ...) the work of MRSM could not be restricted only to rescue climbers, so the Service intervened in the other cases when the need for its involvement occurred. In addition to rescue of the hikers and the climbers in the mountains and rocks of Montenegro, members of MRSM were involved in drawing of the injured and killed in road accidents in the canyons, drawing of the injured from the pit, drawing of the injured in aircraft, helicopter and train accidents, transports patients from the snowed areas and in the other activities of rescuing of human lives in mountainous and other inaccessible places in Montenegro.
For the last 48 years of its existence, as the only service of its kind in Montenegro, the MRSM has intervened many times, saved many lives and has become synonymous with rescue in Montenegro. The Service is proud on the fact that, since its inception up to date, they responded promptly on all calls made by official bodies or by the independent persons and successfully intervened. The location of the headquarter of the Mountain Rescue Service of Montenegro is Niksic.
From the organizational point of view, MRSM is volunteer organization consisting of people with different professions (engineers, professors, doctors, students, ...) who don't receive the wage for their work, while from the professional point of view is a highly professional organization.
Every mountain rescuer had complete a long complex training and then pass the exam in front of the Commission of experts to become mountain rescuer. Thereafter, every mountain rescuer, every year, in line with MRSM Regulations, have to meet certain requirements to be verified as mountain rescuer for the coming year.
The generation of the mountain rescuers that has established MRSM has retired after many years of successfull work. They become a honorary members of the MRSM and with they transfering their valuable experiance from the many years of rescuing to the younger generations.
Mountain Rescue Service of Montenegro is a member of International Organization for Alpine Rescuing - IKAR. By being a member of this organization means that our work and commitment are recognized , but it also means that we have duty to respect high international standards in rescuing people in the mountains as well as the high standards for training of mountain rescuers.
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