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- Safety equipment:
Although a helmet is unpopular among sports climbers, always make sure to put it on when there is the slightest possibility of the head injury. Climber's helmet is mandatory equipment.
- Equipment check:
When buying or borrowing equipment, look for any sign of security standards ensuring that the equipment has passed required tests. Be careful of who you borrow the equipment. Carabineer, a device for securing or any other part of metal or plastic equipment once dropped from a height onto a hard surface should be considered unreliable and possibly discarded. It may have invisible cracks and fractures, which could cause cracking of the metal or plastic.
- Information on climbing
Ask around and be informed properly about the direction that you pull, length, weight, safe and security standards and wedges.
- Trainings
You should have regular trainings of sport climbing in hall with artificial rock. This will allow you to gain enough strength and flexibility, but this may never be a substitute for climbing on a natural rock, but only an additional training. Go regularly on climbing or mountaineering ascents, because it's important to get regular climbing experience, knowledge and security. If you have had a longer break, and are about go on climbing, be sure you repeat all necessary assurance techniques, plugging and for the alpine climb with all this, you should also update knowledge of setting assurance, making anchors and other important techniques.
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